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New Year, New Inventory in Newport!

As we head out of the “holiday” real estate doldrums, things are looking very promising for home sales in 2015. So far, there have been more homes listed in Newport Beach thru Jan. 7 than there were the past 4 weeks. Hello, inventory! These include two brand new listings of our own…a prime Oceanfront property […]

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Newport Beach Real Estate Market Monthly Update for November 2014

It’s not all fun, games and food on our blog so we have decided to provide a monthly snapshot of the real estate market in our local community. Here goes… The median home value in Newport Beach is $1,305,700. The median list price per square foot in Newport Beach is $823, which is higher than […]

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Don’t be “that” house on Halloween

It’s an annual dilemma and in a child’s mind, quite possibly, the single greatest question on Halloween night. What are they passing out? Newport Beach neighborhoods are surveyed. Posses formed. Routes planned. And when they finally arrive at your doorstep, do you want to be “the” house or “that” house? As a public service, we […]

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Pumpkin Spice Homes?

Since the introduction of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, brands everywhere have been clamoring to replicate the success and flavor of this seasonal concoction. The next BIG thing has gotta be Pumpkin Spice Homes, right? Think about it…it’s already made its way into our cupboards and partially to our homes via candles and room fresheners. You know […]

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Reality Real Estate

I’m not sure if this is an admission or a confession but… I binge-watched a “reality” real estate show last night. 3 episodes worth and I’m not gonna lie…I feel dirty. Not dirty dirty but train wreck dirty. I couldn’t take my eyes off it! It was like watching everything that isn’t remotely accurate about […]

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Marina Park Coming Soon!

What’s this? A city project under budget AND on schedule? It’s getting real in Newport Beach these days… After years of debate, public forums, threatened lawsuits, and just plain old chicanery, it was recently announced that the Marina Park project on the Balboa Peninsula is not only on schedule for a Spring 2016 opening but […]

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Newport Summer

It’s a little known season often hidden from those beyond Newport Beach boundaries. But believe me, it is real. Right after Labor Day as the tourists retreat and the kiddies flock back to school, there she is…Newport Summer. It’s an annual ritual as September and October are THE months for locals. Perfect weather, smaller crowds, […]

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Value Packed

There was an article published recently about what $600,000 can buy you in Orange County these days. Basically, the article surmised that your dollar just isn’t going as far as it used to. With homes prices creeping up and more people renting, it really does raise some interesting points but, most important to me, is […]

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Is it lunchtime yet? (Entry 2 of 2)

Annnnnnnnd… I’m back!!! I learned my lesson from last week (don’t blog about food on an empty stomach) and decided that this week I would blog about my favorite Newport Beach lunch spots AFTER I ate 🙂 I hope you enjoy my second installment… Alta Technically, a coffee house. THE COFFEE HOUSE for the cool […]

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