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Is it lunchtime yet? (Entry 1 of 2)

They tell you that you shouldn’t go to the grocery store when you’re hungry.

But, whoever “they” are must have been a lot skinnier than me and not nearly as adventurous.

I mean…these are the challenging moments we all need to see what we’re made of.

Where the carbs meet the gut…so to speak.

Walk me down the cookie aisle and I get the sweats.

The ice cream section?

Might as well fill up the cart with Cookie Dough Ice Cream and Bomb Pops…

With that, I will attempt to dive head first into this blog entry…starving.

I’m hungry so heck, let’s write about what fuels the fire.

Much can be said about my foray into the good eats around our neighborhood.

It’s a plethora of awesome and for the purposes of this installment, I’m not even venturing north of PCH…with one slight exception.

Now, you’ll probably assume that I’ll be chatting you up about local junk food options…and there’s no doubt I could.

Luckily, running around the Newport Peninsula in search of kind grinds isn’t nearly as treacherous.
So, allow me to stroll you through a few of our favorite “local” spots that’ll keep your waistline relatively thin and you coming back for more.

Just make sure you break me off your leftovers as a “thank you”.

Crab Cooker

Writing about local food joints down here and not mentioning this World Famous spot is pretty much grounds for expulsion.

Yeah, we hear everyone complain about the crowds, the tourists, the service…blah, blah, blah. (I see you locals!)

The place personifies “old school”.

You want Chowder? There’s one choice. Red. And don’t ask if they have White.

You want silverware, you say? Here’s your plastic fork.

Fine China? Hope you like paper.

Bottom line, it’s what eating fish straight from the sea should be.

Pure, unadulterated goodness….

There’s no fuss that you can expect from the other seafood establishments in town. This is where you go to eat it exactly as your grandmother made it, served by your grandmother.

No sauces, marinades, and beurre blanc…you get melted butter…in a plastic cup.

History lines the walls and the no-nonsense service and offerings are reminders of simpler times.

Just give me some Crab Legs, a bowl of chowder and the crusty breadsticks and Lord take me now.

Bear Flag

It’s pretty much inexplicable.

Head here during the lunch rush and patrons are lined out the door.


I’m talking Magic Mountainesque queues sans the queasy post-ride effects.

Denizens of tanned and toned foodies clamoring for some fish like it was the opening of Colossus.

This is where the good-looking folk hang out ordering up Poke by the pound, salmon burritos, Panko-crusted fish tacos and coconut water.

When I eat here, I feel like I ate better than you today.


Awesome, healthy fuel and as fresh as it comes.

They’ve moved locations and added a full sushi bar and booze.

Say what??

They had me at Poke but cinched it at Cerveza.

Sessions West Coast Deli

The relatively new kid on the block, Sessions delivers what it promises.

“The best sandwiches to hit the lip”.

Killer sandos with a laidback vibe.

It’s not a “normal” deli.

Sure, they’ll build you what you want but what kind of control freak are you?

Just jump in and enjoy the ride.

Believe it or not, I go with the salads a lot here (but the Meddock Melee is no joke).

Don’t kid yourself, I always grab a side of the Parmesan, rosemary Shaka Spuds to keep it real.

The owners are cool cats and they’ve been able to transform a once horrible space next to a dry cleaner into something real with food that is definitely West Coast styled…complete with the surf report!

I couldn’t be happier handing them my money.

They could throw me an extra scoop of those spuds for good measure though!

Well, all this blogging has got me famished…

It doesn’t hurt that all of these spots are literally steps from the Arbor Real Estate World HQ. Not a bad place to call work and definitely, not a bad place to call home.

So, go visit these places and don’t forget to tell em who sent ya!

After all…#WeAreNewport


ps Don’t forget to check back next Thursday as I review a few more of my favorite Newport Beach lunchtime spots!

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