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Is it lunchtime yet? (Entry 2 of 2)

Annnnnnnnd… I’m back!!!

I learned my lesson from last week (don’t blog about food on an empty stomach) and decided that this week I would blog about my favorite Newport Beach lunch spots AFTER I ate 🙂

I hope you enjoy my second installment…


Technically, a coffee house.

THE COFFEE HOUSE for the cool kids.

Every time I walk in, I get to see everyone of my sons’ friends sipping java from their mugs that sit on the shelf when you walk in.

I give ‘em the…”old guy knows the spots” look, subtle nod and go about my business.

Don’t let them fool ya…the salty dogs have been frequenting this place for years. That’s why the young bucks dig it.

This place rocks the caffeine but also great breakfast burritos and sandwiches.

I usually hit up a BLTA on fresh made bread and a side of tortilla chips.

Always-great service and the quintessential local flavor.

Ho Sum Bistro

Ho Sum Chicken Salad…that’s all you need to know.

Check that…the Combo Salad…a mix of their 2 salads…Ho Sum Chicken Salad and Sesame Seed Chicken Salad.

Like some legendary BBQ secret from the heart of Texas, this salad’s recipe has been attempted by many and quite possibly, never replicated.

Go ahead, Google the dang thing. People have tried.

The question is…how could something so seemingly simple be so hard to copy?

I crave this sucker and of course, add a dash of their lettuce wrap hot sauce to pump it up a touch.

Trust me, it’s a weekly jaunt for me…at $8.50 with a side of soup or fried rice on the Lunch Combo, you can’t beat it.

My only real quandary is…an engineer must have figured out how to jam the salads into the to-go containers because the dang thing pops like a piñata when I’m ready to pounce. I don’t mind.

A Market

This is the exception.

Yes, I have to haul my butt across PCH to hit this gem but oh so worth it.

Now, the Lululemon ratio to hipster pants is on tilt and I love it that way.

Chef Shelly knocks it out of the park with her hospitality and there is no arguing with the fare.

My personal fave is the Flank Steak salad and also find myself mixing in a Cubano Sandwich.

I’m still trying to figure out how Patsy got a salad named after her but I will continue to request a namesake combo once they allow me to put the Pesto Eggs on top of the Kale Salad.

You know, I’m on a diet after all!

Thanks for reading my delicious diatribes…

Don’t forget to go visit these amazing Newport Beach eateries and tell em who sent ya!

After all…#WeAreNewport


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