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Marina Park Coming Soon!

What’s this? A city project under budget AND on schedule? It’s getting real in Newport Beach these days…

After years of debate, public forums, threatened lawsuits, and just plain old chicanery, it was recently announced that the Marina Park project on the Balboa Peninsula is not only on schedule for a Spring 2016 opening but came under budget by $1.2million! If you think about all the public works projects that go the wrong way, this is actually heading in a positive direction. Now, what does this all mean for the people of Newport?

Well, initially, it means our local city planners, public works department and the construction crews have done their job so far. And that, is a breathe of fresh offshore wind. But if you look at the overall plan, it also means a new 23-slip marina, sailing center, community center, a playground, new restrooms and of course, parking. And everyone knows…the nicer the area, the higher the value of the homes in the neighborhood.

That, my friends, is an awesome thing! What about that Girl Scouts building they knocked down to complete the project you say?

Don’t fret…they’re building a new Girl Scout Leadership Center at the location as well. See there…no one wants to piss off the Girl Scouts. They have cookies…

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