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Newport Summer

It’s a little known season often hidden from those beyond Newport Beach boundaries. But believe me, it is real.

Right after Labor Day as the tourists retreat and the kiddies flock back to school, there she is…Newport Summer.
It’s an annual ritual as September and October are THE months for locals. Perfect weather, smaller crowds, less traffic and of course, wide-open sand and surf.

People ask me all the time how I deal with the traditional “Summer” invasion (June-August) and my reply is “Newport Summer is coming”.

It is, in my biased opinion, the sacrifice that makes all the craziness worth it.

Ironically, a ton of real estate deals are closed during these months because the appeal of our great city shines brightest. And that too, may be the reason for my optimism.

With rates low and the housing market showing signs of resuscitating, there’s no better time to invest (or sell for that matter!). Newport Summer just adds to the year-round value and trust me, it feels good to go from summer to summer…

Go ahead give us a call and add another season to your calendar.

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