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Watch us GROW!

In 2015 there was a need for a new tree in John Wayne Park (formerly Ensign View Park) in Newport Beach. At Arbor we are always looking for ways we can give back to our community—whether it’s by planting a tree, installing a water station or supporting a local sports team–so we jumped at the chance to help out.

At that time, our boutique real estate agency was in its early stages with only 15 agents. Armed with gold-tipped shovels, we planted a coral tree. Both that tree and our agency have grown a lot since that time! We are now 70 + agents strong and still growing.

Though Arbor has reached significant business milestones, doing more than half a billion in transactions, we still are most proud of our community work.

“Growth isn’t our primary goal at Arbor, but our continued success allows us to further our mission to have a positive impact on the community where we live, work and play,” said Chris Brigandi, Founder of Arbor Real Estate.

Since that first tree we planted in 2015, we have planted or given away more than 100 trees to our community. We’ve continued our quest to bring clean drinking water to our local students and to eliminate the use of single-use plastics on our campuses through our initiative “Clean Water 4 Kids” by funding seven water stations. We’ve also given away six surfboards to local students in our “Stoke a Student” contest.

“This is our passion and what drives us at Arbor. We like real estate, but we love our work in the community just as much,” said Kristin Barry, Broker and Partner at Arbor. “We will continue growing and giving back.”

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