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Waterfront Dining in Newport Beach

One of the coolest aspects of Newport Beach is the waterfront dining. The large bay provides a unique amount of space for restaurants ranging from high end to casual. Here is a list of some of our agent’s favorites and what we think makes them great.

The Cannery:

The Cannery has a long history dating back to 1921 where it began not as a restaurant but as a an actual commercial fish cannery. It is that charm and history that make the restaurant truly unique and a staple in Newport. The food and drinks are unquestionably delicious and the view, like everything on this list, is great.

Blue Water Grill:

Right across the bay is the chain known for its fresh fish and warm sourdough. Even though there are locations scattered around California, It feels unique to the community. Blue water grill is simply good food on the water. No Frills. It is always a nice and satisfying dining experience.

Louie’s by the bay:

Louie’s is great to mix into your restaurant rotation if you want fine Italian dining. The ambiance is great and the food is even better. The Cacio e Pepe comes highly recommended by our agents.


The Lighthouse is one of the coolest locations because it is located not only on the water but next to a large park. The open space provides a different feel than most bayside restaurants. The Brunch is delicious and very popular so you might want to get there early to claim a seat.

Crystal Cove Shake Shack:

Not to be confused with the massive chain with a remarkably similar name. This restaurant sits on a bluff above the ocean where you can enjoy a casual burger and shake with a view (arguably the best view). You just pull off coast highway and your greeted by a literal shack that serves shakes. This selection breaks the conformity by not being on the bay but it is so cool that we had to include it.




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